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Previous MeetingJune 23, 2015 06:00 PM
1021 Al Tahoe Boulevard, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
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Preliminary Information



REGULAR CLOSED SESSION: Immediately Following Regular Open Session 

The Agenda Packet for this public meeting is available for review at the District Office Reception Area. All members of the public are invited to comment on any item on the agenda. The meeting location is accessible to people with disabilities. Every reasonable effort will be made to accommodate participation of the disabled in all of the District's public meetings. If particular accommodations for the disabled are needed (i.e., disability-related aids, or other services), please contact the Superintendent's Office at 541-2850 Ext. 225 least 24 hours in advance of the meeting.  Public inspection of agenda documents that have been distributed to the Board less than 72 hours before the meeting will be made available at the Education Center, 1021 Al Tahoe Boulevard and, when feasible, attached to the agenda item on the District's online agenda at   (Government Code 54957.5).  The Brown Act and Education Code delineate the circumstances under which a legislative body may meet in closed session. Discussion may take place in closed session regarding the appointment of employees and employee termination, evaluation of employee performance, complaints or charges against an employee, and other personnel matters (Government code Sections 54957 and 54957.1), litigation, labor negotiations, and student discipline.

(D) Discussion Item
(V) Can Vote
(C) Consent Item
a. Approve Agenda of June 23, 2015 Regular Meeting         (V)  
a. This is the public's chance to speak on any topic not listed on this agenda.     

Please hold your comments to five (5) minutes or less. If there is more than one speaker on a particular topic, the Board President may limit the comments to less than five minutes. If you would like to speak, please print your name on a BLUE card located at the door and give it to the Superintendent or his assistant. You will be called upon in random order.  If you would like to comment on an agenda item, please fill out a YELLOW card. You will be called on during discussion and before any action is taken on the item. Please hold your comments to three (3) minutes or less. If there is more than one speaker on a single agenda item, the Board President may limit the comments to less than three minutes.

a. Recognize 2015 South Tahoe High School Graduate, Carli Valney, for Achieving Second Place in the Moose International Youth Awareness Program and Other Awards     
  Carli Valney applied for every possible local scholarship and was awarded $6,000 from South Tahoe High Class of '66, Kiwanis, Loyal Order of the Moose #1632, South Lake Tahoe Rotary, Soroptimist International, and Tahoe Douglas Elks. She also competed in the Moose International Youth Awareness Program in Florida this year and placed second among sixty competitors from all of the country, garnering another $8,000 scholarship.
b. Report on Districtwide English Language Development (ELD) Survey     
  Alana Cayabyab, Two-Way Bilingual Immersion (TWBI) teacher at Bijou Community School, will review the District's Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) goals pertaining to the English Learner (EL) student population. She will present the results of an elementary level districtwide survey which she administered to teachers and administrators on current (English Language Development (ELD) practices, familiarity with Common Core State Standards (CCSS) ELD Standards, and how to make ELD more CCSS-aligned.
c. Board of Education Report     
  Board Members may comment on their activities.
d. Superintendent Report     
  The Superintendent may provide a brief report.
a. Approve 2015/16 Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP)      (D)  (V)  
  In order to fulfill requirements of Education Code 42127, 52062, and District Policy 0460, public hearings have been held to solicit the recommendations and comments of members of the public regarding the specific actions and expenditures proposed to be included in the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP).  The proposed LCAP has been available for public inspection, both online and in hard copy, since June 5, 2015.  The Board of Education will take action to approve the Plan.
b. Presentation and Adoption of Proposed 2015-16 Budget      (D)  (V)  
  Debra Yates, CFO, will make a presentation to the Board of Education, review significant assumptions, multi-year projections, and comment on the overall fiscal health of the District.
c. Approve National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) Contract for Front Office Space Floor Covering Replacement at South Tahoe Middle School      (D)  (V)  
  Replacement of floor covering in the South Tahoe Middle School Public Entry/Administrative Offices, PE Classroom 15 and Library Wing and Stage Restrooms are required at a cost of $60,197.00, to be paid by Proposition 98 funds.
d. Award Contract for Exterior Paint Improvements at Sierra House Elementary to Keith Kaczmar Painting, Inc.      (D)  (V)  
  Bids for paint improvements have been received. The bid will be awarded to Keith Kaczmar Painting, Inc. for a total of $42,000 to be paid from Proposition 98 funds. A $3000 contingency is requested for additional work that may be added to the contract.
e. Award Contract for Exterior Siding Repairs at Sierra House Elementary to CSB Construction, Inc.      (D)  (V)  
  Bids for exterior siding repairs at Sierra House School have been received. The bid will be awarded to CSB Construction, Inc. for a total of $34,700 to be paid from Proposition 98 funds. A $2000 contingency is requested for additional work that may be added to the contract.
f. Discuss and Review the 2015 Board Governance Calendar      (D)  
  Board Members will discuss and revise the calendar to assist them in tracking priorities, events, policies, actions, advocacy, and other ongoing aspects of school governance.  This "living document" will be discussed and revised every other month and at the annual retreat.
g. First Reading of Board Policies and Administrative Regulations - April 2015 Updates         (D)  
  1. Revise E 0420.41 - Charter School Oversight
  2. Revise BP/AR 0460 - Local Control and Accountability Plan
  3. Delete BP/AR 0520.4 - Quality Education Investment Schools
  4. Revise AR 1330 - Use of School Facilities
  5. Revise BP 3312 - Contracts
  6. Revise AR 3514.2 - Integrated Pest Management
  7. Revise E 4112.9/4212.9/4312.9 - Employee Notifications
  8. Revise BP 4143/4243 - Negotiations/Consultation
  9. Revise BP/AR 5111 - Admission
  10. Revise BP 5113.1 - Chronic Absence and Truancy
  11. Revise BP/AR 5126 - Awards for Achievement
  12. Add BP/AR 5144.4 - Required Parental Attendance
  13. Revise E 5145.6 - Parental Notifications
  14. Revise BP 6170.1 - Transitional Kindergarten
  15. Revise BP/AR 6174 - Education for English Language Learners


h. Approve Amendment to Employment Contract for Dr. James R. Tarwater, Superintendent      (D)  (V)  
  The Board conducted an annual evaluation of the Superintendent's performance on June 9, 2015 per contract, and upon a successful evaluation, the term of the employment contract is extended by one year to June 30, 2018.
i. Approve Employment Contract between Lake Tahoe Unified School District and Billy Wessell, Chief Business and Operations Officer      (D)  (V)  
  The current Chief Financial Officer is retiring at the end of June.  On April 21, 2015, the Board of Education approved a new job description for a Chief Business and Operations Officer. The contract is for a term beginning July 20, 2015 through June 30, 2018 at a starting salary of $125,000 plus benefits to be paid from the General Fund.
Unfold 7.  CONSENT AGENDA   
a. CONSENT ITEMS      (V)  (C)  

All matters listed on the Consent Agenda are considered to be routine and will be enacted in one motion. There will be no discussion on these items prior to voting on the motion unless members of the Board, staff, or public request specific items to be discussed and/or removed from the Consent Agenda. If items are pulled for discussion, a separate vote will occur on the item(s). The Superintendent and staff recommend approval of all Consent Agenda items.

b. Approve Payment Order No. 2014/15-18      (C)  
  Funds charged: General Fund (01), Cafeteria Fund (13), Building Fund (21), Special Reserve Fund (40), and Bond Debt Service Funds (51) and (55).

c. Approve 2015/2016 Consolidated Application for Funding Categorical Aid Programs      (C)  
  Annual application for funding for categorical programs.
d. Approve Agreement for Legal Services with Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost LLP for the District/Special Services Department's Legal Counsel      (C)  
  The District and Special Services Department would like to continue using the firm of Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost for legal matters for the 2015/16 school year.
e. Approve Resolution 2014/15-26 Designating Authorized Signer for Sheakley Health Savings Account.      (C)  
  Signers are designated by the Board and authorized to sign official documents. The authorized signers for the Sheakley Health Savings Account, effective July 1, 2015, will be Dr. James R. Tarwater and Lynn Dupree.
f. Approve Resolution No. 2014/15-27 Declaration of Surplus Property      (C)  
  A Montague Range/Stove from the Al Tahoe Cafeteria is being declared as surplus property of little or no value and will be discarded.
g. Approve Resolution 2014/15-28, Budget Transfer At The Close Of School Year      (C)  
  Request to make transfers between the undistributed reserve and any expenditure classification or classifications or balance any expenditure classification of the 2014-15 District budget as are necessary in order to permit the payment of obligations of the District incurred during said school year and insure budget accounts are positive.
h. Approve Resolution No. 2014/15-29, Temporary Transfer Agreement between Lake Tahoe Unified School District and El Dorado County Superintendent of Schools      (C)  
  The resolution is a preventative measure on behalf of the District in the event of an insufficient cash flow balance.  It would also allow the District to rely on County-transferred funds for payment of monthly obligations.
i. Accept Donations      (C)  
  i. Golf cart to the football program at South Tahoe High School by a parent.
j. Adopt Board of Education Minutes      (C)  
  i.   Regular Board Meeting of June 9, 2015.
9.  ADJOURN TO CLOSED SESSION (Government Code Section 54954.5)   
a. Personnel Order #1415-18 (Government Code Section 54957 and 54957.1)         (D)  (V)  
  1. Hire: intervention counselors, temporary craftsworker HVAC technician, teachers, chief business and operations officer, and assistant coach.
  2. Accept Change in Teaching Assignment: Spanish reading intervention teacher/coach TWBI.
  3. Accept Resignation: instructional assistant.


b. Conference with Labor Negotiators (Government Code 54957.6)      (D)  (V)  
  Dr. James Tarwater, Superintendent, will conference with the Board regarding negotiations with South Tahoe Educators Association (STEA) and California School Employees Association (CSEA).
c. Other Personnel Matters (Government Code Section 54957)      (D)  (V)  
12.  ADJOURN   

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